Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Cleaning

Today started out as a calm, relaxing day and turned into a major cleaning project. It was one of those things where one job turns into six. We started out by taking down the bassinet out of our bedroom (tear...) because my son has finally outgrown it. Then we brought my nightstand back up into the bedroom followed by making room for his pack-n-play bed and had to move furniture around and eventually got into dusting ceiling fans. You don't notice how dusty they really are in the summer because they are always on and are spinning. Well now that it is cold out and they are off, boy are they dusty!!! He dusted all three of them and I went behind him with the vacuum and dusted up all of the dust bunnies :)

Looking forward to tomorrow! Halloween!!! My daughter is going to be Jessie from Toy Story 3 and my son is going to be a skeleton. We are going to have a fun family day, carve pumpkins, watch football and go trick-or-treating in the evening. It will be my son's first Halloween and my daughter's first where she actually knows what it's all about. Last year we took her out but she still didn't understand what to do. This year she is super excited!!

I am also going to do a bit of baking tomorrow. My husband is requesting another apple pie (his favorite) and I will be soaking our pumpkin seeds in salt water prepping them to bake on Monday. I did this for the first time last year and they were so good! Way better than the store bought ones.

I managed to make it down to my sewing room today and created a new item for my shop!!! Unfortunetly the one I made needs a bit of tweaking but every great project needs a sample, right? I'm really excited about the new things I am making for my shop and will be getting them on soon. I did add some crocheted blanket and hat sets for newborns. They are really soft and warm! Perfect for a baby shower gift if you are in need of one. Right now we have three available: white, yellow & purple. We have green, blue & pink coming soon!!! They make a great set for new baby's coming home from the hospital.

Will update again as more new items become available.

"Please don't feed the dust bunnies."   ~Author Unknown


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