Saturday, October 16, 2010

Productive Weekend

This weekend has been pretty productive so far and it's only half way through Saturday. I drug the kids over to my mom's house yesterday and again this morning and tons of sewing is being done!! I have a lot more bibs coming soon and I am very excited about the patterns. My mom is teaching different ways to use up my scraps and it is working well.

Her and I have a craft show we are doing for the first time here in town the weekend before Thanksgiving. It is in two schools, so it's huge, and people come from all of over to it every year. It isn't her first craft show but it is mine so I hope we do well.

The weather is still holding out here. A bit windy today so I may not be able to go outside to take photos today because my bibs blow all over! Maybe I will just keep sewing today and try for photos tomorrow. Not sure what I am going to do when winter comes. Going outside in the snow out to the fence doesn't thrill me much so I think I might go to Menards or something and build a prop fence to use when the weather is cold and snowy outside. I will probably prop it up in the dining room when the afternoon sun comes in. Got to get creative when you live in a state like MN!!


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