Friday, October 22, 2010

Living in MN

Well you've heard of that show called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia...well I am going to create one called It's always windy in Minnesota! I was so excited to have finished six sets of three bibs this morning and was planning on going outside today to take photos of them so I could list them tonight and it is so windy out there I didn't get many good shots. I will probably be able to list two sets and I just gave up after that. They were blowing so hard I couldn't get a good picture. So frustrating!!

The rest of the day is going well. We are having a lay around in jammies day and the kids are being so good today. They have allowed me to sew most of the morning and we have been having fun. I even had time to bake a cake!! Turned out yummy and will probably have to have a little bit more later :)

Well check the shop later and I will hopefully have some of my sets listed. My little boy is hungry so I will end it here for now.

"Children are the reward of life."   ~Congolese Proverb


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