Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bib & Shoe Gift Sets

     Here are two new sets I have added to my shop!! There are many more to come but it has been crazy around here in the last week or so with the holidays I haven't had time to get them all up and running. I did get into my sewing room for the first time today in at least a week. Between the three different Christmas celebrations we had, cooking, baking, kids, cleaning, putting away new toys, getting rid of old toys, laundry......the list goes on. I am hoping that after this holiday weekend to come, things will settle down a bit and some more crafting will get done.

     I am thinking about hiring a painter to come over and paint my sewing room. It is a darker blue right now and to me, that color is not inspiring at all!! I have picked out samples at Menards and like a sage green light purple combo. And then all of my sewing desks, storage and table are all white so that would be my accent color. I have hung white sheer curtains in the window to replace the hideous blue and green plaid ones that were there when we moved in. That did wonders for that room. They also had covered all of the outlet covers in the same ugly fabric.....not sure what that was about. I think if I can get the room painted and maybe redo some of my storage to make more I think that room will be good to go. I would love to paint it all myself but since I can't find time to sew or even to sit for a few minutes to blog, I better not try. It will probably sit half done for a few months and that will be even worse.

     Other than that, not much new here. Just wanted to log on and check in and show you all what I have been working on. It's time I get this shop up and running and I will get there!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally."  ~David Frost


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