Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday Fun with my Daughter

     Meet Squirrel. He is my daughter's favorite toy!! Yesterday we went out running errands and after a large snow storm we had recently, it went from Spring back to Winter. Well, Squirrel always comes with on outings and she thought that he would be too cold because of the snow so she wrapped him up in two of her gloves, one on the top of him and the other on the bottom. While we were out she asked me if I would make Squirrel some clothes so he would stay warm. Well, last night, this is what we came up with!

     I made him two hooded sweatshirts and a nice cozy sleeping bag for him to sleep in at night. He slept in it all night and slept well. She really wanted me to make him slippers so his feet would stay warm but I was afraid my 8 month old son may get one and choke so I suggested pants. After two failed attempts, Squirrel has to settle for sweatshirts only. The tail was too hard to go around :)

     I love how excited children get about the simplest things. When I was finished making them for her she said, "Thank you so much mommy! I love them!!" That is the best thing in the world to make your child so happy. I believe that Squirrel will be a part of this family for a long time.

"A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer."  ~Author Unknown



  1. This is adorable! I need to learn to sew!

  2. Lol~ wonderful! My 13 year old daughter often makes clothes for my youngest daughter's many stuffed critters. They both have fun, and I'm sure your daughter was thrilled with Squirrel's new digs! :)

  3. He looks very warm and snuggly. I wonder if his friends will be queuing up for clothes too!


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