Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Day!

     I saw this picture of this squirrel and thought it was so adorable and decided to use it :)  So I am bracing myself for another 6 inches of snow today...but what better to do than sew!!! I have finally got my sewing room organized to where I can find everything and have tons of space to move around and spread out my work. The painter was supposed to come last week but we had to push him out to later in February due to a schedule conflict. I was a little bummed but at least it is clean now :)

     I have been working on narrowing my shop down to 10 things since that is how many sections they offer on Etsy. I am trying to find things that are easy to make, fit in the "baby & mommy" theme and things I enjoy making. I have created a small list of things I am working on. I had plans of making a few things I may have mentioned in the past but once I created a sample....I decided not to! Not that it didn't turn out, but that it was a lot of work and not sure that I am ready to tackle those projects at this time.

     My shop is on vacation for this week until next Sunday Feb. 6th so that I can step away from it and work on sewing. I find myself checking it or in the forums for hours a day when my time should probably be spent making things. It has only been on vacation mode for two days but I must admit, I have gotten a lot of sewing done...or at least as much as my two children have allowed. I have, so far, 6 new nursing covers, 2 diaper clutches & 2 sets of organic nursing pads ready to list. May not sound like a lot, but in only two days with two sick children, that is a TON! haha

     Please be sure to come to MY SHOP next week when it is up again and see the new things I have been working so hard on!! Some things are brand new and others are just more of what I already offer.

"Sewing: A creative mess is better than tidy idleness."  ~Author Unknown


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