Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time for some R&R

     It's that time of year again. We are headed up north to our fall getaway!! This will be our 9th year going there and I am just as excited as if it were the first. My hubby took me there to celebrate our one year dating anniversary and we are now celebrating our nine year dating anniversary. I love that we still celebrate that, it is a wonderful thing. Now, we are accompanied by our two children, next year it will be three :)

     Looking forward to cozy fires, fun swimming and holiday movie watching with my family. It is a time when we get away from everything and enjoy each others company. Every year we go there are only about 5 other couples staying there since we go mid-week in the off peak time so the pool is usually ours to ourselves. The kids love it! There is a 60% chance of snow up there on Wednesday so I'm crossing my fingers they are right! There is nothing more beautiful than looking out the bedroom windows out to Lake Superior and seeing the snow falling while cozy in bed with the fireplace on and your husband and kids cuddling together. Have a wonderful week everyone!

"A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in."  ~Robert Orben



  1. I hope you enjoy your vacation. It sounds like so much fun! You're so lucky to be able to do that each year. Have a great time. And...I love that quote you added at the end. =)
    from Blogging Buddies team

  2. Sounds like a really great vacation. I hope you really enjoy yourself.


  3. Thank you ladies! We don't take very many vacations but this one we make every year no matter what :)

  4. Lucky! I am so craving for a vacation right now. Enjoy your vaca and let us know how it goes.

    Found you through blogging buddies

  5. Thanks for the great blog! Sounds like you will have an awesome time-hope you have lots of fun family activities planned! I am looking forward to a family getaway we have planned in January! Can't wait to spend the time with my three beautiful children! Thanks again!


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