Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Hats now Available!!

     Here is the first hat now available!!! I have about 10 made that just need to have the flowers attached or tails tucked so I will be listing more soon! I just wanted to get one in my shop and get the ball rolling. I have really enjoyed making these hats and I think they will make a great addition to my shop. I purchased several more patterns today so be sure to keep checking back for more designs, colors and sizes!!!

     Off to list more :)



  1. Those are beyond adorable! It's hard to imagine they won't sell like mad! :)

  2. They photographed really well...oh to have a girl will be so much more fun to dress up:-) They were a perfect addition to your shop!

  3. Thanks!!

    Gina~ If you have a little girl I would love to make you some hats!! (and anything else you would want me to make!!)

  4. Hi!

    Sooooo cute! Come link up at our new SAHM of Etsy Link party!!



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