Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For your new little sports fan!

     Introducing my new creation! My football beanie!! This item is now available in my Etsy Shop. I currently have it listed as a newborn size but if you need another size and it is not available, please contact me and I can make you a custom one.

     I am also working on a white Christening Gown with a bonnet to go in my shop as well. These take a bit longer so I will post it when it is finished and available. I am working on several different crochet items so that I can see what I like to make best. I have a bunch of other designs of baby hats but haven't had time to finish them.

     I decided to revamp my sewing room and make it into more of an "office" type area. I have all of my books out on my bookshelf, I took my nice desk back from my mom's house and got a filing cabinet to stay organized.....we'll see if it works. I packed away all of my sewing stuff and will take it out when I want to sew. I think that room will serve me better as a multi-purpose room instead of just a sewing room.

     I hope all of you wonderful mothers out there had a fantastic Mother's Day!!!!


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